when you want it, how you want it.

It’s no longer necessary to tolerate those out-of-date instant coffee sachets. And now you can leave expensive room service for those late night carb binges. 

With a bit of advance preparation you can now make a tasty cuppa when you want it, and how you want it!

Organise your coffee gear.

Before your trip make sure you’ve got all the coffee gadgets you need in one place. The Basal Travel Bag is ideal for this. It has space for your beans or pods, portable coffee maker, and a compact grinder too.

Decide on your brewer

If your favourite brew is an espresso, a Nanopresso with NS Adapter and some Nespresso compatible pods could be the most convenient option. To enjoy a brew with freshly ground coffee the new compact Picopresso will tick all the boxes, and the Nanopresso with Barista Kit attached will also produce double shots with a caffeine punch.

If you prefer a long black perhaps the lightweight AeroPress or the compact AeroPress Go are the answer.