In the office

how you like it!

Use one of the products below to make coffee at work exactly how you like it … at a fraction of the cost of buying your brew from the cafe down the road!

The Better Coffee Press

For rich smooth coffee without bitterness, choose AeroPress for a breakthrough in the brewing process and make the best coffee you have ever tasted at work!

Barista Style Coffee - without the queues!

Be your own barista! Grind your own coffee for your Nanopresso or Picopresso, or buy a Nanopresso + NS Adaptor Combo and keep a stash of Nespresso compatible pods for ultimate convenience.

Cold Brew - enjoy hot or cold

Your colleagues will want your brew!
Make 8-12 servings of super concentrated cold brew extract with The Bod and enjoy hot or cold with ease!

Pour-Over Coffee On The Go

A Cuppamoka pour-over portable coffee maker and all-in-one travel mug fuels your day the way you love it, wherever you are. Whether you’re enjoying a brew on your way to work, or making a fresh pour-over brew when you get there, the Cuppamoka is the perfect way to enjoy pour-over coffee.

Are Coffee drinkers more productive?

It’s well known that your daily caffeine fixes can help you feel more awake and alert, and may improve your acuity. There have also been numerous studies over decades on the effects of caffeine from drinking coffee in the workplace.

Here are just a few ways drinking coffee can benefit you at work:


How much does your daily coffee habit cost you over 3 years?

With recent predictions of a cup of coffee costing us $7 in the not too distant future, perhaps now is a good time to review just how much you’re spending to satisfy your coffee addiction!

The average coffee in your local cafe currently costs you around $4…. and that is ignoring the cost of the muffin or toastie you buy at the same time!

Here’s a summary of your potential daily coffee costs over 3 years comparing your Cafe bought coffee with how much it could cost you when made using an AeroPress®.