Tiny home, tight budget or home alone

You don’t need a  flashy bulky expensive stainless steel espresso machine gobbling up precious counter-top space when you’ve invested in these budget-proof and compact portable coffee makers.

Reclaim your kitchen counter-top!

Our portable espresso machines make barista-style shots that are perfect to enjoy at home as well as whilst you’re out ‘n’ about. 

The Picopresso contains the heart of a commercial espresso machine that has been re-imagined for the palm of your hand. 

And the Nanopresso is one of the most versatile portable espresso machines on the market. 

Neither will gobble up space on your kitchen counter-top!

Keep a stash of cold brew concentrate in your fridge!

For ultimate convenience brew a batch of coffee concentrate to enjoy hot or cold whenever the urge takes you. The AeroPress can be used to make your stash of cold brew.

Enjoy your coffee in the knowledge that it’s good for you… there are research studies showing health benefits associated with drinking cold brew coffee!

Pour-over for one!

The Cuppamoka is a versatile pour-over brewing set that is no bigger than a travel mug! It offers you the optimal set up to easily brew delicious pour-over coffee’s at home or at the office, and the insulated travel mug also enables you to ‘pour and go’ to enjoy your coffee on the run.


No need for a bulky espresso machine at home. The stainless steel beasts look snazzy but you’ll spend more time cleaning them than the time spent enjoying your coffee! 

The iconic aeropress makes up to 3 cups of delicious, smooth, bitter-free coffee in a minute, and can be cleaned in seconds after use!