where can i enjoy perfect coffee?

now it's possible to enjoy perfect coffee anywhere!

With our portable on-the-go coffee makers coffee lovers everywhere can enjoy perfect coffee anywhere.

Whether your favourite coffee is a strong espresso with a bit of a kick, a smooth long black, or a deliciously comforting cappuccino, you can now enjoy perfect coffee anywhere.

out woop woop

Out Woop Woop!

Even in the middle of nowhere you can now enjoy your favourite coffee. The AeroPress Go or Nanopresso (perhaps with a Nespresso pod adapter) are your ideal compact, lightweight hiking companions.

Enjoy coffee at work

At Work

No longer tolerate that muck from the machines or what Jake the Apprentice begrudgingly throws at you. Now you can make your coffee the way you want it, using your AeroPress, Nanopresso, or Cuppamoka.

Enjoy coffee at home

At Home

You no longer need an expensive espresso machine using up your kitchen countertop space to enjoy barista-style coffee. All you need are compact coffee makers – AeroPress, Picopresso or the Cuppamoka.

Enjoy coffee in hotel rooms

In Hotel Rooms

Endure revolting instant coffee sachets no more! Leave expensive room service for those late night urges for carbs. Enjoy freshly made coffee using an AeroPress, Nanopresso or Pipamoka anytime.


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