The bod
cold brew coffee maker

The ultimate cold brew coffee maker

Experience The Difference

Hot or Iced

The cold brew extract made with The BOD can be used to make both HOT & ICED drinks with ease

Keep Your Brew In The Fridge

The BOD makes 8-12 servings of concentrated cold brew coffee extract that keeps fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Smile with Confidence!

The BOD makes coffee naturally low in tannic acid which can potentially result in less teeth staining & less acid wear.

Love Your Heart & Your Coffee!

The BOD makes coffee naturally low in oily compounds and "Cafestol" (a potent cholesterol-elevating compound)

Let’s be clear… cold brew is not the same as iced coffee. Iced coffee is simply a regular coffee served over ice, and often mixed with milk.

5 health benefits of drinking cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is becoming the drink of choice amongst many coffee aficionados. As well as the smooth, less bitter flavour, these health benefits could be the reason for its increasing popularity.

Check your daily caffeine consumption levels

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