Review – The Picopresso by Wacaco

picopresso REVIEW

The Smallest Speciality Coffee Espresso Machine. Ever.

This claim by Wacaco may well be true. At about 10 cm long it’s certainly more compact than the Nanopresso.

All the accessories store away inside the pump unit. The picopresso comes with a sturdy rubberised travel case that takes up very little space in a backpack or suitcase. And it weighs no more than 350g.

Picopresso in case

When I trialled the Picopresso I used it at home. It is a smart looking, well designed addition to go along-side my other coffee gadgets.

If you love decent coffee on your travels the Picopresso is a definite must-have. Take it with you on camping and caravanning trips, or during hotel stays.

If you enjoy hikes, the Picopresso, at 10cm high and weighing only 350g, won’t take up much space in your backpack. Personally though, when I used the Nanopresso on a hiking trip I found it to be a bit fiddly to use, perched on a rock halfway up a mountain. So now I make coffee at home and take it with me in a Octaroma Travel Mug to enjoy my coffee fix hassle-free… but that’s just me.

You can even keep the Picopresso in your desk drawer at the office and save a few dollars each week by cutting back on those expensive takeaway coffees!

What's included in the box?

Picopresso parts & accessories

Included in the box are some really useful and well made parts & accessories.

  • A wide, double-shot, 52mm stainless steel filter basket (Capacity: 18g)
  • The water tank holds 80ml of water
  • You can watch your espresso fall from the naked portafilter into your cup
  •  The tamper has micro grooves and is made from metal, unlike the minipresso or Nanopresso which unclude plastic tampers.
  • The “funnel” isn’t a funnel but does have a dual function. It is helpful when filling the basket with coffee grind but is more useful when tamping to help ensure even tamping.
  • A foldable spoon that holds 8g of ground coffee.
  • A small brush and a very useful distribution tool.
Ground-breaking espresso maker that doesn't sacrifice shot quality for portability.

It takes a bit of trial and error to find the espresso grind that works just right. But once you’ve found that perfect grind it truly does give you a deliciously satisfying full-bodied espresso with a rich crema.

The Picopresso takes an ultra-fine grind but if it’s too fine you’ll find it hard to push the hand-powered piston. If the grind is too course the water will flow through too quickly and your espresso shot will be too weak.

filling filter basket

Double shot filter basket

The wide 52mm stainless steel filter basket takes a maximum dose of 18g of ground coffee, so you can easily brew a double shot of espresso.

Place the filter basket in the metal portafilter and put the “funnel” on top (it’s not a great funnel but comes in really useful later when tamping), then fill with 18g of your favourite ground coffee.

An effective little distribution tool is included in the kit so you can break up any lumps of compacted coffee prior to tamping. This helps to evenly distribute the coffee in the portafilter which will promote more even extractions and better tasting espresso.

using the tamper

Effective metal tamper

Leave the “funnel” on whilst tamping. This helps to guarantee a flat and even tamp and gives you some consistency each time you use the Picopresso.

Use boiling water

Before attaching the portafilter to the main chamber I would recommend filling the water chamber with boiling water and pumping it through to pre-heat the unit before making your shot. The chamber takes up to 80ml of water. When I was ready to make the coffee I found it best to fill the chamber with boiling water so that the extracted espresso shot was at a palatable temperature.

Buy your Picopresso today !

The Picopresso feels like a more sturdy portable coffee maker than the Minipresso or Nanopresso. I was impressed that more parts are made from metal, in particular the portafilter, filter basket, tamper and shower head. In my view it’s a shame that the water chamber is still made from plastic but I guess a stainless steel water chamber would push the price up.

The recommended retail price of the Picopresso is AUD$189.90.

Wacaco have produced a 7 minute video demonstrating how to use the Picopresso. It’s well worth watching!