Review – Aeropress flow control filter cap

More control over the flow of your coffee

AeroPressFlow Control Filter Cap

Enhance Your AeroPress Coffee Brewing Experience

If you are a fan of the AeroPress coffee maker, you’ll love the new AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap.

The AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap is a plastic cap that replaces the original filter basket on your AeroPress. 

It has a pressure-actuated valve that stops the drip through of the coffee, allowing you to extend the brew time and use coarser-ground coffee. 

This way, you can experiment with different recipes and techniques to achieve different flavor profiles.

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

I trialled the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap at home and loved how simple it is to use.

As a long term AeroPress Inverted Method user I am so impressed that I can now extend brewing times and control flavour extraction without the risk of burning my hands with boiling hot water when, on occasions, my grip isn’t secure enough and I experience a hot, messy flipping mishap!

The AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap works with all AeroPress
The Filter Cap can be used with AeroPress Original, Go and Clear.

One of the benefits of the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap is that it works with most AeroPress models, including the Original, Go and the new AeroPress Clear. The Filter Cap isn’t compatible with AeroPress XL.

It also works with any filter you choose. AeroPress state the cap is for use with stainless steel filters or their AeroPress paper micro filters. They also say you can you can mix and match different filters to suit your preferences and needs.

I prefer using a reusable cotton filter with my AeroPress because it yields a delicious cup of coffee with a pure taste without any papery or synthetic filter flavours, allowing the coffee’s natural flavours to shine through.

In my view the cotton sock enhances the overall coffee experience particularly for those of us who appreciate a sustainable and eco-friendly brewing method.

What's included in the box?

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap with retail box

The contents in the box are both simple and useful.

If I’m honest the Filter Cap has a bit of a cheap plastic feel to it. When I first fitted it to my old-faithful AeroPress Original it was a very tight fit but it soon loosened up after a couple of uses.

The valve has so far been totally drip-free and will only allow liquid through when pressure is applied with the plunger.

I am intrigued by the deep-ridge pattern on the inside of the Filter Cap where the metal, paper or cotton filters are placed. I assume the ridges allow a good flow of coffee through the cap, but I couldn’t find an explanation for the design on the AeroPress official website.

A concise multi-language leaflet is also included in the box. It provides simple pictorial instructions, cleaning instructions and some safety warnings.

The box also includes a paper disk with a QR code that takes you to a page on the AeroPress webiste with useful tips and a short video to help you get the best out of your first brewing experience.

How to Clean Your Filter Cap

The AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap is easy to use and clean. You just need to twist it firmly and tightly on the AeroPress chamber and apply gentle and consistent pressure when plunging. 

To clean it, you can simply rinse it under warm water or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. You can use dish soap but no harsh chemicals such as bleach. On a day to day basis you can simply rinse the Filter Cap under warm water and just occasionally give the Filter Cap a thorough wash with soap and water.

Downsides using the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

The downsides of the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap are that it adds some resistance to the plunging process, which may require more effort and perhaps a bit of extra patience. It also may not work well with very fine-ground coffee, as it may clog the valve or cause over-extraction.

Apart from that, I love it!


Overall, the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap is a really useful accessory for AeroPress lovers who want to explore new possibilities with their coffee maker. It offers more brew control, crema-rich results, filter flexibility, and coffee press compatibility. The recommended retail price of the Filter Cap is $38.00 and is available to buy from Perfect Coffee Anywhere via our online shop.

Buy your AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap today !

The recommended retail price of the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap is AUD$38.00