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Porlex Mini II Coffee Grinder (RRP$109)


The Porlex Mini II grinder has had an upgrade. This exceptional compact stainless steel coffee grinder is perfect for travel or every day use at home. The new improved ceramic burr set now allows for smoother grinding with up to 50% more grinds per rotation. Fits inside an AeroPress and is light enough to take on your travels anywhere.

Availability: 99 in stock (can be backordered)

the best cheap manual grinder

(according to James Hoffman!)

This lightweight, compact stainless steel, ceramic conical burr coffee grinder is perfect for travel or every day use at home. Enjoy perfect freshly ground coffee , exactly how you like it… anywhere!

What I particularly like about the compact Porlex Mini is that it fits snugly INSIDE AeroPresso so is perfect for travelling. Another plus point that James Hoffman mentions in his grinder review is that the crank handle can be slipped into the slot in the rubber gripping so the handle won’t get mislaid during your travels.


  • Class leading handle design (patent pending)
  • Ceramic conical burr
  • Full adjustment – from Turkish powder to French Press course
  • Lifted curved handle is about 150mm long
  • Very quiet static free operation with effortless turning force required when grinding
  • Bottom catch cup allows direct dosing into portafilter, no additional funnels needed
  • Grind rate is about 200 turns for 14gm of beans through the espresso range
  • Made in Japan
  • English instructions included
  • CAPACITY: approx 22g
  • DIMENSION: 135x50x50mm
  • WEIGHT: 250g

James Hoffman reviewed 5 low-priced manual hand grinders and the Porlex Mini came out on top! He assessed the grinders on their price, build, portability, usability and grind quality. 

Take a look at the James Hoffman Manual Grinder Review on YouTube below:

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