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Picopresso (RRP$189.90)

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The Picopresso by Wacaco

The Picopresso doesn’t sacrifice shot quality for portability. It produces creamy shots with dense flavours and stunning aromas – this extraction quality was once reserved for bulky, heavy countertop espresso machines. But with the Picopresso you can enjoy an authentic cafe-quality espresso, that rivals any high-end machine… anywhere !

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Picopresso - brew like a pro!

The compact Picopresso travel espresso machine makes an authentic cafe-quality espresso to rival any expensive high end machine, so you can enjoy your perfect coffee… exactly as you like it … anywhere!

Take a look at this promo video by Wacaco showing how it is used.

picopresso characteristics

  • DIMENSION: 106x78x71mm
  • WEIGHT: 350g
  • MAX PRESSURE: 18bar
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Picopresso, double basket, metal tamper, foldable scoop, brush, distribution tool, funnel, protective case (Package weight is 1.25kg)

truly compact

Far from the traditional espresso machine format, at only 10.5cm the Picopresso fits in the palm of your hand. But don’t let it’s tiny size fool you. It’s a real concentration of power that is able to outperform many of its big brothers.

picopresso by wacaco

brew a full double shot

With a basket capacity of 18 grams there’s no need to settle for mediocre coffee when you need a serious kick. Brew a full double shot of espresso with the wide 52mm stainless steel basket.

built like a tank

Designed for reliability, the Picopresso is the ultimate portable espresso machine. Although it weighs only 350g it is made from metal and robust materials and has a water tank capacity of 80ml. It’s crafting quality is second to none and has a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

read my review

In mid-2021 I was lucky enough to trial a Picopresso before they were available here in Australia. I was a fan of the Nanopresso (I still am a fan due to it’s unique versatility), but the Picopresso’s performance surpasses that of the Nanopresso and takes portable coffee making to the next level.

customer reviews

"Go & make espresso's somewhere weird... because its fun!"

In May 2022 James Hoffman reviewed four portable espresso makers (the Picopresso was one of them) on a boat on the River Thames in London. He says it started out as a silly idea that got a bit out of hand but turned into a bit of fun… and had some memorable espresso in it too.

Out of the four espresso makers he reviewed he said that the Picopresso is the best portable espresso maker and is “genuinely a very capable brewer“. Why not check out his review below (the Picopresso is reviewed at 1:08 and his conclusions of which is the best portable espresso maker is at 18:11.


"It (The Picopresso) makes way better espresso than it has any right to do"

I would be pretty tempted by this thing (the Picopresso)... it's pretty cool.

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