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Nanopresso and NS Adapter Combo (RRP$154.80)


Our Nanopresso & NS Adaptor Combo expands the capabilities of the Nanopresso enabling it to be used to prepare perfect espresso shots consistently every time using either Nespresso® original capsules, or many Nespresso compatible pods, including the Compostable Coffee pods available from Tripod Coffee. If you’re looking for ultimate mess-free convenience a NS Adaptor plus Nanopresso will enhance your coffee pleasure!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER WITH TRIPOD COFFEE: Until 31st March 2022 buy our Nanopresso + NS Adapter Combo and receive $5 off your order, plus receive a selection of Tripod Coffee pods, and an exclusive 25% offer code to use when placing your first order with Tripod Coffee.

Availability: 100 in stock (can be backordered)

Nanopresso and NS Adaptor Combo for Nespresso® compatible Pods

The Nanopresso when combined with the NS Adapter gives you the ultimate convenience to enjoy your perfect coffee anywhere. The NS Adapter allows the Nanopresso to be used with Nespresso Original capsules and most Nespresso Compatible pods* (see our exclusive offer below!)

The Nanopresso

The Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile portable espresso machines on the market. It is capable of reaching 18 bars (261 PSI) of stable pressure  during extraction for unparalleled coffee quality – it’s more than many home espresso machines can deliver. It is easy to operate and simple to use and it’s short length (only 15.6 cm) makes it easy to hold and to pack – this makes the Nanopresso your travel companion of choice!

The NS Adapter

For maximum convenience the NS Adaptor enables you to use the Nanopresso with Nespresso® capsules and many Nespresso® compatible pods. The advantage of using capsules or pods is that the coffee is mechanically ground, measured and tamped with much higher precision than we are capable of doing by hand. There is very little left for error, so your espresso shots are more likely to be consistent every single time. Using pods is a convenient, mess-free way to ensure your coffee pleasure! And if you take advantage of our offer below you can enjoy the convenience of Nespresso compatible pods… without the guilt!

Dimension: 66 x 62 x 62 mm    Weight: 130g

(Please note: the NS Adapter is designed to work only with the Nanopresso and original Nespresso® capsules. The NS Adapter may not work with all Nespresso Original compatible pods.)

Watch the short YouTube video below for a quick demo on how to use the NS Adaptor….

*OUR EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFFER WITH TRIPOD COFFEE PODS… take a sip in the right direction…

Here at PerfectCoffeeAnywhere HQ we enjoy the guilt-free convenience of making our daily perfect coffee now that we have discovered deliciously responsible Tripod Coffee pods. Tripod Coffee provide us with Australia’s most sustainable coffee pods and their 100% Australian Home Compostable (AS 5810) coffee capsules work perfectly with the Nanopresso & NS Adapter combo. Tripod Coffee’s mission is to offer sustainable coffee products that aim to regenerate the earth instead of pollute it. They have 6 coffee blends to try. Our favourite is the ACO Certfied Organic Green Canopy blend.

In a 2021 review by Zenko, the sustainability credentials of Tripod Coffee came top of the list out of five other leading Australian based “compostable” coffee pod brands. Read the review here

OUR EXCLUSIVE OFFER*: Buy your Nanopresso & NS Adapter Combo from us today and receive the following in our Exclusive Tripod Coffee offer:

  • A selection of Tripod Coffee pods FREE with your order so you too can start taking a sip in the right direction!
  • We will provide you with a discount code to receive a 20% discount off your first order for compostable coffee pods, placed online directly with www.TripodCoffee.com.au
  • Place your order for a Nanopresso + NS Adapter combo to receive $5 off  your purchase from PerfectCoffeeAnywhere.
  • Enter Promo code: COMPOSTABLEPODS5 and $5 will be deducted from your order (Valid until 31st December 2023)

*terms and conditions apply




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