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NanoFoamer Milk Frother by Subminimal


Make professional barista’s froth with envy with the impressive NanoFoamer by Subminimal. Create velvety-smooth microfoam in only 20 seconds without the need of a steam wand on an expensive espresso machine.

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make microfoam milk in 20 seconds with the nanofoamer

The NanoFoamer by Subminimal takes being a Home Barista to the next level. 

Ditch your current milk frother and use the NanoFoamer to create velvet-textured microfoam in only 20 seconds. Used with the Flow Tip Milk Jug you can start making Latte Art at home that will make the most proficient barista froth with envy!

NanoFoamer and Latte Art
  • Waterproof – It cleans easy! Just give it a spin under running water after each use. The housing and switch have been designed to be waterproof from complete peace of mind when washing the NanoFoamer.
  • Battery Operated – The NanoFoamer requires two AA batteries. Approximately 60 drinks can be made with one set of batteries.
  • Heavy Duty Shaft – The 5mm diameter stainless steel shaft ensures the NanoFoamer has a controlled and sturdy rotation and will operate wobble-free .
  • Nano-screens – Two different nano-screens are included with the NanoFoamer which each create slightly different textured milk. Microfoam gets made as bubbles are spun through your chosen nano-screen at high speed (Note: the NanoFoamer can also be used without a nano-screen to create normal foam or for mixing drinks).
  • Protective Case or wall mounted – Keep it Handy! Use either the protective case and store the NanoFoamer in a convenient kitchen drawer, or keep the NanoFoamer always within reach using the adhesive wall mount stand (the stand can even be applied to the side of your coffee machine)

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