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Hario V60 Style Organic CoffeeSock Filter (2pk) (RRP$19)


Hario V60 Style CoffeeSock filters are an economical alternative to paper filters for use with Hario V60 drippers. They brew brighter than using a French Press (Plunger) and richer than using paper filters.

These certified organic cotton CoffeeSock filters are designed to be used with Hario V60 drippers as an alternative to paper filters. The smaller size (V60.01) can also be used with the Cuppamoka.


  • A reusable alternative to paper filters
  • CoffeeSock filters are made from certified organic cotton which imparts no unwanted flavour on the finished brew. This is because cotton is 90% cellulose which is a tasteless and odourless compound that is insoluble in water.
  • Cotton absorbs some of the oils released from the coffee beans yet allow acids to pass through just like paper filters. This results in a cup of coffee that is clear, crisp, rich and robust with all the acids of paper brewed coffee, but without the paper taste. The coffee also has the richness of a French Press (Plunger) but without the heavy oiliness.
  • CoffeeSocks are durable – they will last for up to 1 year and can replace 500 paper filters.
  • CoffeeSock filters have Green credentials too! No chemicals fertilisers or pesticides have been used, they are renewable, and compostable.


  • Rinse – Wring – Hang !
  • Dispose of the coffee grind (compost whenever practical to do so!) and rinse the sock until water runs clear
  • Wring out the excess water from the sock
  • Hang the filter to dry
  • Periodically (about twice a month) boil the sock in water for 10 minutes to remove any coffee oil buildup

Small (10cm x 14cm), Traditional (19cm x 13cm)

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