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Cuppamoka Pour-Over Portable Coffee Maker & Travel Mug (RRP$79.90)



A Cuppamoka pour over portable coffee maker, with built in travel mug, fuels your day the way you love it, wherever you are.

Availability: 100 in stock (can be backordered)


Discover the portable version of the relaxing traditional pour-over coffee brewing process, and enjoy your preferred coffee wherever you want to.
  • Versatile Pour-Over Brewing Set – No bigger than a typical travel mug, Cuppamoka offers you an optimal set up to easily brew fantastic pour-over coffees on the go, at the office, or at home.
  • Enjoy a full-flavoured coffee – The pour-over brewing method is perfect for revealing the complex and subtle aromas through full control of crucial variables such as water temperature, coffee saturation and extraction time. This handcraft process results in a delicious brew. (Drink up to 300ml)
  • A Great Travel Companion – This clever all-in-one solution includes all necessary accessories in a compact way to avoid taking up too much space in your travel bags. You can take it anywhere you want. (Dimensions: 89.5mmx169mm)
  • Drink at your own pace – The travel mug is made from durable steel with double-walled vacuum insulation to preserve the temperature of your hot (or cold) beverage. While the leak proof drinking lid allows a quick and easy access to your favourite brew. (Keeps hot for 2-3 hours)
  • Durable and safe – As soon as you grab the Cuppamoka in your hands you notice the high quality build. It is made from safe, robust and durable materials to let you brew and sip anywhere, for years to come. (Materials: 100% BPA Free)
  • Choose Pour-Over for a flavourful cup of coffee – Some say there is no better extraction technique than the pour-over method to highlight the subtle nuances in coffee. Jump into this handicraft brewing porcess with Cuppamoka.
  • Package includes – 300ml isothermal stainless steel travel mug, removable filter holder, drinking lid, collecting pad, 10 paper filters*, scoop, instruction booklet and warranty card. *Extra packs of 100 paper filters can be purchased separately, or a Coffee Sock Hario V60 cotton filter also fits.

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