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Basal Aero Filter Jar (for AeroPress Paper Filters)


The perfect way to keep a stash of AeroPress paper filters clean, dry and to hand wherever you are! The Basal Aero Filter Jar is a customised metal screw top jar made the perfect size to slide in a stack of AeroPress paper filters. Comfortably holds over 100 AeroPress filter papers.

Availability: 99 in stock (can be backordered)

basal aero filter jar

This customised metal screw to jar from Basal is the perfect size to store a stack of 100 AeroPress Paper Filters. It will keep the filter papers clean and dry and properly organised.

Removing 1 filter paper is extremely easy; Unscrew the cap and tip the jar upside down at which point the paper filters will bend out of the jar, allowing you to slide off one paper filter at a time.

The Basal Aero Filter Jar is the correct size for AeroPress Original Paper Filters (it’s not the correct size for AeroPress XL filters).

Dimensions and capacity

  • 69mm x 28mm
  • Capacity: Comfortably holds 100 AeroPress Original Paper Filters 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Filter papers are not included

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