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AeroPress® Tote Bag


The AeroPress® Tote Bag is a simple zippered nylon bag that helps to ensure you’ll always take your AeroPress, filter, coffee beans… and even grinder… with you when travelling – to enable you to enjoy Perfect Coffee Anywhere!

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This AeroPress branded zippered tote bag has been designed for carrying your AeroPress Coffee Maker. It’s the perfect lightweight edition for storing and transporting your AeroPress and associated coffee making accessories.

Perhaps you use an Able Disk or a Coffee Sock filter with your AeroPress so you don’t need to carry any spare paper filters with you. If so the tote bag will have the space to also carry a Porlex Mini grinder and a stash of your favourite coffee beans too.

Whether you use your AeroPress at home, or you take your AeroPress with you on your travels, this bag will help you to organise all your coffee making gear so its easily accessible – helping you to enjoy your perfect coffee… anywhere!

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