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AeroPress Tote Bag


An AeroPress Tote Bag is a practical and inexpensive way to keep all your favourite AeroPress coffee-making accessories together in one place, at home, in the office, or when you’re out and about travelling.

AeroPress Tote Bag

The AeroPress zippered nylon tote bag is the perfect lightweight, must-have edition to your portable coffee making toolkit! Carry your AeroPress coffee maker, and accessories, with you virtually anywhere.

Whether you use the tote bag to store all your AeroPress accessories in one place at home or in the office, or you need a practical bag to carry your favourite coffee-making gear whilst travelling, the AeroPress Tote Bag is for you.

AeroPress Tote Bag
Store your AeroPress and accessories in the convenient AeroPress Tote Bag.

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