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AeroPress Original Coffee Maker


**** Stock of the AeroPress Original is low throughout Australia until Jul24.  You can back order and we will ship out to you as soon as new stock becomes available in Australia. Alternatively, we can supply the new AeroPress Clear or the double capacity AeroPress XL for immediate delivery.

Why do people love their AeroPress? Because it’s easy to use and because of a breakthrough in the brewing process, it makes the best coffee you have ever tasted!

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The Iconic AeroPress Original Coffee Press

The AeroPress Original Coffee Press is perfect for any coffee lover looking for a rich and smooth cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness.

This iconic coffee maker has a patented 3-in-1-brew technology that combines the best of several brew methods into one easy to use, very portable device.

The AeroPress Original is compact, durable and lightweight. You can use it when you’re on the road, at the office or brewing at home to brew deliciously smooth full-bodied grit-free coffee anytime, anywhere!

What makes AeroPress Coffee so Uniquely Delicious?

Immersion, aeration and pressure combine for exceptional, one of a kind flavour and versatility. Use your AeroPress Original coffee press to make Long Blacks, Cold Brew, Espresso style and latte’s. All it takes is a minute or two.

Coffee presses don’t usually include filtration, but the AeroPress Original does. You can use finer grind coffee which brews faster for less acidity, no bitterness, and no grit.

The unique AeroPress plunge system uses gentle pressure to push water through the grinds, aerating and extracting only the purest, freshest flavours.

Easy to Use

  1. Combine hot water with your favourite coffee, stir, and plunge.
  2.  You’ll know it’s working when you hear the “AeroPress Hiss”
  3. When you’ve finished your brew simply pop the “puck” of tightly packed grinds straight into your (compost) bin. Easy and mess free!
  4. Rinse the plunger, and you’re done!

What's in the Box?

The retail box includes a QR code to a Quick Start Guide; Main Chamber; Plunger with rubber seal, Filter basket; Measuring scoop; Stirring paddle and 100 paper micro-filters. (A Funnel and plastic filter holder are no longer provided).

Packs of 350 Paper filters can be bought separately. We also sell stainless steel filters, organic cotton filters, and the new AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap.

James Hoffman reviews the AeroPress in the video below. It’s well worth spending a few minutes to watch. Then go ahead and buy yourself an AeroPress! Join the growing global AeroPress fan club. Perhaps one day you could even compete in the World AeroPress Championships!

James explains that the AeroPress was invented by an American called Alan Adler (another of his inventions was the Aerobie Flying Ring). Alan was frustrated because he couldn’t get a good single cup of coffee out of a domestic coffee brewer. 

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