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AeroPress Carafe


AeroPress lovers rejoice… the new crystal clear AeroPress Carafe is the ideal brewing vessel just for you! Brew directly into the AeroPress Carafe from your AeroPress Original, XL or Clear. The shatterproof Tritan™ carafe is the only carafe designed for your favourite AeroPress coffee maker.

Availability: 100 in stock (can be backordered)

Aeropress carafe

Elevate Your Pour with the only carafe that has been designed specifically for your AeroPress coffee maker.

The crystal-clear Tritan™ AertoPress Carafe turns coffee brewing into a visual spectacle – ceramic coffee mugs no longer hide your brew! 

It combines good looks with functionality and is the perfect accessory for owners of AeroPress Original or Clear (it is a complementary accessory included in the box when you order an AeroPress XL!)


  • Fits multiple versions of AeroPress: The hex-shape fits AeroPress Original, Clear and XL coffee presses
  • Crystal clear: Made from crystal-clear, shatterproof Tritan™
  • 600ml Capacity: Perfect for two cups of coffee or for a large cold brew
  • Great Gift: AeroPress fans will love the carafe (or why not treat yourself!)
  • Compact for travel: Small spout and no handle

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