Our Portable Coffee Makers

We have selected a range of coffee makers that are firstly, inexpensive, secondly easy to use, and finally and perhaps more importantly, ideal for use when you’re travelling out n about.

  • AeroPress® – an iconic coffee maker – choose from either the original, or the new AeroPress Go travel version.
  • Picopresso – The ultimate portable espresso maker
  • Nanopresso – your highly versatile portable espresso machine. 
  • Pipamoka – Enjoy your coffee anywhere with this sturdy pressure brewer 
  • Cuppamoka – Pour-Over Coffee anywhere

Where to make your Perfect Coffee

Our coffee makers are as practical to use at home as they are to use Out Woop Woop! Alternatively they can be used at work, in the office or whilst staying away from home overnight in a hotel room. In fact you can use them virtually anywhere!

aeropress parts and accessories

Don’t worry if you’ve run out of paper filters or inadvertently thrown out your filter basket – we can supply you with all the genuine AeroPress® parts. We can also supply useful accessories to help you get the most out of this iconic coffee maker

nanopresso accessories

Experience the Nanopresso’s versatility to its fullest. Firstly, consider the Barista Kit to enjoy double espresso shots. Secondly, the NS Adapter is ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy the convenience of using Nespresso pods. And finally, the Nanovessel is a must for keeping water hot when you’re out enjoying the countryside.

Grinders, bags & other useful stuff

Finally, we supply a range of grinders, bags and useful items to enhance your coffee making experience!